Hayato Urabe

My work involves elucidation of neurological disorders by using chemistry and investigating the interaction between molecular biology of neurons with photons. My work entails synthesis and application of nanomaterial synthesis and optogenetics.

Nanomaterial Synthesis + Application
·        Silica encapsulated doped magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermia applications  (Figure: Dye-doped Silica encapsulated magnetic nanoparticles)
·        Silica encapsulation of semiconductor nanoparticles for single-photon applications
·        Metallic nanoparticles for optical enhancement in biological and physical experiments.
·        Elucidation of specific neuro-microcircuitry in the brain slices (in collaboration with Department of Neuroscience)
·        Modification of the channelproteins to enhance optical properties (Figure: modified ChR2-EYFP expressed in neurons in cultured hippocampal neurons)
·        In vivo work (in collaboration with Department of Psychology)