Solid State Lighting with Quantum-Dot Nanoporous Gallium-Nitride Nanocomposite Materials

A luminescent nanocomposite material where high brightness colloidal II-VI nanocrystals are embedded within an electrochemically prepared nanoporous gallium nitride semiconductor thin film host. The nanotextured structure increases light extraction efficiency,. and The quantum dots preserve their key light emitting features of photostability and narrow spectral linewidths when transferring from their native solution environment to the nanoporous host.

Incorporation of colloidal QDs into NP-GaN host. a. Photographic images of visual evidence for incorporation of red CdSe/ZnCdS core/shell QDs into NP-GaN matrix (2m-thick film). SEM images at top view (b, c) and cross-sectional view (d, e) of NP-GaN structures before (b, d) and after (c, e) QD incorporation show the high density adsorption of QDs onto the sidewall. f. PL of QD/NP-GaN nanocomposite materials together with bulk GaN

PL of RGB starting QD solution mixture and RGB QD/NP-GaN nanocomposite materials. Inset. Photographic image of RGB QD/NP-GaN nanocomposite emission under UV excitation.

I-V characteristics of original blue LED and white QD/NP-GaN LED

Electroluminescence of original blue LED, NP-GaN LED (region B before QD incorporation) and QD/NP-GaN LED (region B after QD incorporation). Inset. Photographic image of blue bulk GaN (region A) and white QD/NP-GaN (region B) on a single LED chip.