4. Development of Optogenetics/optoelectronics Devices for Studying Primate Brain

As a continuation of our research with rodents, we are planning to apply the novel optoelectronics devices we developed to nonhuman primates. The implementation of novel optoelectronic/optogenetics devices, such as hybrid multi-electrode arrays, optrode arrays, etc., in primates would increase our understanding how normal and diseased human brain functions and help us to develop more advanced prosthetic devices and better cures for neurological disorders.

Our research related to primates includes collaborations with several research groups leading the field such as Donoghue and Sheinberg Labs at Brown University, Deisseroth and Shenoy Labs at Stanford University. Our ongoing projects are (i) development of single optrodes and optrode arrays for primate brain, (ii) optimization of genetic delivery and expression of light-sensitive ion channels in primate brain.