Ultrafast Optoacoustics

 1. Picosecond Ultrasonics

The Picosecond Ultrasonics technique was first developed at Brown University in Prof. Humphrey Maris' group and has become a standard non-destructive technique that can be used to perform a wide range of ultrasonic experiments in thin films and more complex nanostructures. It has been increasingly employed to investigate other type and form of samples, such as liquid, biological samples etc. 

 2. Advancing optical technique for Picosecond Ultrasonics

New methods have been developed to improve the detection of weak opto-acoustic signals measured in picosecond ultrasonics, and to improve the lateral resolution in the nanostructure samples.  

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 3. Scanning Opto-Acoustic Microscope (SOAM)

Imagine an instrument that has the look of a regular optical microscope but has a resolution of sub-50nm. This is our recent innovation - an all-optical high resolution Scanning Opto-Acoustic Microscope. 

The Ultrafast Optoacoustics research team is a close collaboration between our group and Prof. Humphrey Maris's group.