Sunmee Park

Box D, Division of Engineering,
184 Hope St
Brown University, Providence, RI
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Ph.D: program in Biomedical Engineering, Brown University 2007.9 - current
M.Sc: Medical Electronics Lab(MELAB), Interdisciplinary program in Biomedical Engineering, Seoul National University,  Korea, 2007
B.S: Electrical engineering(Major), Linguistics(minor), Seoul National University, Korea , 2005
Research Interests
neural engineering, optoelectronics application, radio frequency power transmission, brain computer interface
Publications and presentations
oral presentation: Sunmee Park, Dong Woo Kim and Hee Chan Kim, Development of Human-Computer Interface Device Using Electrooculogram for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patient, the 3rd European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference(EMBEC), 2005, Prague, Czech
Behavioral decision model of AIBO based on artificial emotion, 2nd prize, Electronic Fair in Electrical engineering,
Seoul National University, 2004